12 -Year Development Story

of SMILECARE Dental Clinic

The First Year

Smile Care Dental Clinic was founded in 2010 by a group of young doctors studying medical profession abroad, who wanted to creat a dental clinic with a truly good working environment and high-quality service.
We are young, but we have always used the deliberate and careful approach as the foundation for establishing a clinic with depth of experience, as well as a service attitude and a clinic atmosphere that meets international standards.
With the desire to develop the clinic in a long-term run, we chose treatment quality as the foundation, preserving the patient's natural teeth as the treatment premise. One of the key factors determining our development path is continuous improvement of the system of contemporary machinery and equipment in the globe for Vietnamese clients..
There is a saying that goes, “Master your profession, Master your fortune”. Therefore, we assign each person to only one service to bring out the their best performance.

The Fifth Year

Smile Care Dental Clinic was founded by a group of medical doctors who had studied overseas and returned home to work with the goal of establishing an international-grade clinic in Vietnam. After 5 years of establishment and development, we are confident that we can provide our customers with the greatest equipment and materials, advanced treatment techniques, and the best Vietnamese doctors
We, the young people, determined that each person should concentrate on one thing. Each person focuses on and practice a minor speciality in Teeth - Jaw - Face to gain the greatest experience rapidly
Smile Care Dental Clinic, determined to be a place where the quality of treatment is not inferior to that of advanced Asian countries, has been regularly engaging in training courses overseas in order to realize the aim of "protecting and maintaining the most natural teeth" as we can for customers.
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the almost 10,000 consumers who have selected and supported us among other dentists in Hanoi over the last five years. We always welcome customers’ feedbacks and suggestions about our services so that Smile Care Dental can enhance treatment quality and provide the finest services to our customers.

The Twelth Year

With a dedication and committment to the mission of NATURAL TEETH PRESERVATION AT MAXIMUM, Smile Care Dental Clinic strives to provide customers with the most advanced equipment and the greatest team of experts. Perhaps that desire has put us - those who are accustomed with bandages, red medicine, medical machines, into obstacles outside of our specialty - to face a financial problem. And the difficulties are heightened in the backdrop of the recent COVID-19.
Smile Care's machineries and medical equipment are all imported from Germany in accordance with German requirements. Every year, the team of doctors are sent to have professional training and learn from experience sharings in Europe. Investing in European-standard quality is a financial challenge when providing services at Vietnamese prices but European production costs.
In addition, the negative impact of COVID 19 forced the clinic to close for months, caused revenue reduction, employee layoffs, etc, yet the expense of investing in equipment and training did not diminish.
When confronted with these challenges, we keep in mind that hardships exist to test the spirit. Those who remained agreed that instead of changing the goal to meet financial targets, the clinic opted to CONSISTENTLY pursue the orientation of taking QUALITY, improving quality every day as the foundation, and seeking a solution. Realistic solutions include investing wisely in critical equipment, identifying support solutions with lower investment costs, and relocating the clinic from 1000 m2 to 250 m2 with more reasonable cost.
With our EFFORTS, we were able to quickly and timely introduced an advanced Danish transparent braces solution shortly before the outbreak - the only solution where clients could get braces without visiting the clinic. Up till now, 350 customers have utilized our advanced transparent braces service; this is a significant milestone that allows us to calmly overcome difficult times and lays the ground for the introduction of a complete porcelain teeth solution in the near future. Customers just need to visit the clinic only four times to protect their teeth and bite, overcome all of the disadvantages of previous porcelain dental procedures.

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